Help when you need it

For people living in Todmorden who are in need

If you are struggling with the cost of living and can’t afford, for example, to replace a broken cooker or buy the children new shoes, Tod Support is here to help.

Tod Support distributes funds from two charities, Todmorden War Memorial Fund and Abraham Ormerod Trust.

Each request is considered in terms of what difference the support would make. Needs will differ from individual to individual and may include help with food and energy costs to warm bedding, from a cooker to home essentials, school uniform to a bed or baby’s cot.

Criteria for receiving help

You, or the person you are referring, must:

  1. Live within Todmorden town boundaries
    Tod Support distributes funds from the War Memorial Fund and Abraham Ormerod Trust. It is a condition of both funds that the money is for people living within Todmorden town boundaries, which includes Walsden, Cornholme, Portsmouth and Stoodley.
  2. Have health issues or be in need
  3. Be prepared to supply information required to assess level of support needed and, when appropriate, accept a home visit.