Tod Support administers funds from the Todmorden War Memorial Fund (charity number 219673) and Abraham Ormerod Trust (charity number 252036). In doing so it is governed by the Deed of Trust of the War Memorial Fund and the will of Abraham Ormerod.

The Deed of Trust of the War Memorial Fund sets out the governance. The Town Council is responsible for appointing Trustees and a maximum of 8 councillors can be Trustees. The Trustees may at any time delegate the exercise of any of their powers and duties to committee of not less than 12 persons but the Trustees are responsible for defining the powers and duties of any Sub-Committee.

Tod Support has a Delivery Group whose responsibilities as defined by Trustees are set out in a Delegation Framework.

Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that Tod Support continues the work of supporting people in need in Todmorden. Trustees are responsible for developing the policies that define how the Trust operates and the Delivery Group is responsible for implementing policies. Trustees are the accountable body responsible to external bodies like Charities Commission and have full responsibility for finance and setting budgets.

Data protection, data privacy and regulatory documents

Applications to Tod Support are in accordance with our main privacy policy. Links to this as a PDF, as well as other documents, can be found below.

Annual Report, Accounts and Audit

Yearly accounting information can be downloaded as PDF below.